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Our Treatments

On your initial visit you will spend one hour with the doctor, discussing your medical history. After a detailed examination you will receive a treatment on your first visit. Our standard treatment include various forms of soft tissue release (massage, stretching, cupping, etc), a chiropractic adjustment and education.

Followup visits are 15-30 minutes long and include soft tissue release, adjustment and corrective exercises.



One hour detailed evaluation, soft tissue release, chiropractic adjustment and education.

Detailed Follow-up

30 minute visit. Includes soft-tissue release, chiropractic adjustment and corrective exercises. 

Focused Follow-up

15 minute visit

Includes problem focused soft tissue release and chiropractic adjustment. 

Pediatric Initial Evaluation

30 minute visit. Detailed history, evaluation, chiropractic adjustment and education.

Pediatric Follow-up

15 minute visit. Includes problem focused soft tissue release and chiropractic adjustment.

Complimentary Consultation

15 minutes to meet with the docs and see if our chiro care is the right  step towards your healthcare goals. 

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