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Welcome to Pacific Wellness Chiropractic, we are so grateful for your interest in how we can care for you. You are an individual, no other spine is like you, so we treat you as such! You will notice that our style of care is unlike other chiropractors. At each visit you will receive a treatment that includes muscle release (we provide all kinds of soft tissue therapy), stretching, chiropractic adjustment, corrective exercises and education. We pride ourselves on talking with you about what is going on and why. You may just learn a lot more anatomy then you signed up for! Most of our patients are very happy to be explained in detail about their injuries and how we plan to help them. We want to be upfront about your care and leave no question unanswered. 

We offer a wide range of Chiropractic treatments in line with modern-day standards and techniques. We have expertise in treating back and neck pain, sciatic pain, disc injuries, tension headaches, TMJ pain, posture rehabilitation and sports injuries. As well as extensive training and certification with pre-natla, postpartum and pediatrics.

Additional treatment methods will include Kinesiotherapy taping (RockTape certified), Active Release technique (Dr. Erin is certified ART), custom orthotic molding, heated Laser therapy, cupping, graston release and guidance for proper ergonomics in the home and work environment. Webster Certified chiropractic care for prenatal care is offered by Dr. Liz. 


We would love to be apart of your health journey!

Dr. Liz

Chiropractor, Webster certified

& Founder of

Pacific Wellness Chiropractic

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